Doctoral Researchers

Doctoral Researchers

Ana Fralie

Ana Fraile The topic of PhD: Opportunities and challenges of documentary films
as guarantee of non-recurrence in the Inter American Court of Human Rights.
Directors: Dr Nancy Cardineaux and Dr Laura Clerico
The university: UNSAM – Escuela de

Arlette Reyes Bez

Arlette Reyes Bez The topic of Ph.D.: Human Rights Education as a guarantee of
non-recurrence in the case-law of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights:
a critical review.The University: FAU

Arrey Ojong

Arrey Ojong The Topic of PhD: Introducing a paradigm shift on victim’s
participation during Transitional Justice processes: A Democratic Republic
of The Congo (DRC) perspective.The university: FAU

Camila Fernández Meijide

Camila Fernández Meijide

Doktorarbeit Thema: Migraciones desde una perspectiva de antropología jurídica (University of Buenos Aires).[co-supevision with Nancy Cardinax]

Documents, categories and criteria: migrants‘ status regularization and
rights in the City of Buenos Aires.

University: Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA)

Celeste Novelli

Celeste Novelli Doktorarbeit Thema: El análisis de estereotipos en la Corte IDH (University of Buenos Aires). [co-supevisioon with Nancy Cardinax]

The Topic of PhD: Gender stereotypes in the jurisprudence of the
Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

The Organization: School of Law of the University of Buenos Aires

Florencia Brichetti

Florencia Brichetti The Topic of PhD: Abortion protocols in Argentina: challenges and
obstacles to access to pregnancy interruption from a human rights
perspectiveThe University: UBAAcademia Profile: por Universidad de Buenos Aires
Maestranda por Global Campus of Human Rights
Doctoranda por Facultad de Derecho (UBA)
Becaria Doctoral UBACyT en Instituto de Investigaciones
Jurídicas y Sociales Ambrosio L. Gioja

Gisela Ferrari

Gisela Ferrari The topic of PhD: The influence of the European Court of Human
Rights on the Supreme Court of ArgentinaInstitution: University of Buenos AiresHomepage of Academia

Juan Francisco Patzán Sánchez

Juan Francisco Patzán Sánchez


The subject of the doctorate: Application of the standard of integral reparation of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights to the Chilean legal system in cases of violence committed by the Armed Forces and the Armed Forces of Order and Public Security.
Diego Portales University.
Lawyer, Master in International Human Rights Law.
Professor of International Public Law.
Associate Researcher at the Universidad Diego Portales.
Den CV von MARCELA ZÚÑIGA REYES finden Sie unten als PDF Datei.

María Gabriela Valenzuela

María Gabriela Valenzuela Doktorarbeit Thema: The rights of the elderly in the African, Interamerican and European Human Rights Systems. (FAU)

Professional background: I received my training as a lawyer in the Faculty of Law of the University of Chile. My undergraduate thesis focused on access to health for undocumented migrant women. Then, I had the opportunity to work with migrants during my professional practice in the Specialized Office of Human Rights, under the Ministry of Justice of Chile. The interest in the field of human rights led me to found the NGO Raíz Migrante, with the aim of providing legal advice to Latin American immigrants. My goal is to return to Chile and continue working at the intersection between poverty and law, in favour of vulnerable groups.

Natalia Bórquez

Natalia Bórquez Doktorarbeit Thema: The analysis of stereotypes  in the African, Interamerican and European Human Rights Systems. (FAU)

Den CV von Natalia Bórquez finden Sie unten als PDF Datei.


Paola Colombero

Paola Colombero The Topic of PhD: Law, power and meaning. The Lhaka Honhat case,
back and forth from the Inter-American Human Rights System to the Argentine
legal discourse.The University: UBA

Paula Uematsu Arruda

Doktorarbeit Thema: From self-restraint to activism and what is in between in the InterAmerican Court of Human Rights and European Court of Human Rights: right to health adjudication in a comparative perspective 

Doctoral stay: University of Erlangen-Nürnberg with DAAD scholarship Advisor: Professor Dr. Laura Clerico

Den CV von Paula Uematsu Arruda finden Sie Currículo Paula ENG als PDF Datei.

Sara Larios

 Sara Larios